Regional Regatta Breda, 20th September 2020

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On a bright sunny morning our international group left for Breda and the regional regatta of the Southern Rowing Federation. With Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and English being spoken we almost had more languages than rowers.Despite the corona measures it was a well attended and lively event.

First to kick off were Pien and Ana in M18 1x. Given the length and weight of the competition they fared very well. The regatta is rowed on a part of the Mark where the canal joins from the East at the 500m mark. This stretch widens and has irregular banks which makes steering a straight course to the finish quite a challenge in coxless boats.

Next to start were Marieke and Ana in M18 2x. They steered a very good course and were rewarded with a third place: very respectable given their level of experience.

Guilhem followed up in a J18 4* combination although it looked to me like someone had brought their girlfriend along. Cox was Eva Groot who is anything but big. You can’t wish for a better cox than Eva. Against withering competition the team came in sixth in a field of eight.

Guilhem’s Moment in the Sun came in the J14 2x. Despite seeking the security of the starboard bank Guilhem and Robbe (Hertog) raced to a clear lead and crossed the finished in style as first in a field of six.

Pien and Rebecca started next in the second heat of M18 2x. Every sports(wo)man needs to remember that you lose far more than you ever win.

Guilhem decided to try his luck without Eva by starting in the J14 1x. A careful inspection of the reeds on starboard side confirmed that the finish was not to be found in this direction.

Marieke was more successful and found the finish first time around in M14 1x. The experience of her competitors won out however and Marieke came in seventh. A lucky number for many.

Fortune smiles on the well-prepared. By eliminating the competition and taking an experienced cox on board our four young ladies cruised over the finish line and straight onto the podium to receive their medals in M18 4*.

The parents were present in force, to provide moral support, food and drink, logistics services and, of course, to take photos of the winners receiving their medals.

A great day was rounded off with pizza at MWC.

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