Rowing instruction

Instruction is given at various levels, normally during the summer season (1 April - 1 October / November). And remember, as rowing is a team sport, it is important to be present every instruction session, so as to allow the team to take to the water.

Instruction to inexperienced rowers:

Those who register as an inexperienced rower will be assigned to the basic (C) instruction. New members will have the opportunity to get acquainted with rowing on running water during this first instruction period, before becoming a permanent member of MWC.

Rowing levels and certifications at MWC:
The C certificate represents the basic rowing level at MWC, to show that you have mastered the basic techniques. This is followed by the 'stuurbrevet' (coxing licence). After these, you can go on to the B certification (scull rowing in relatively wide skiffs), followed by A certification (rowing in lightweight, competition-level boats).

Next to this, we also offer instruction in sweep rowing (one oar). Instruction for this is given in the autumn or winter season (1 October/November - 1 April).

New MWC members with rowing experience elsewhere:

Experienced rowers who have obtained their license elsewhere will receive an MWC license appropriate to their experience, but not after they have first obtained an additional MWC coxing license. At the start of their introductory period, they will be given temporary permission to row in boats of their ability as an oarsman, provided that the coxing licence is obtained at the earliest possible opportunity.

Rowing exams:

Exams take place at semi-regularly scheduled times. In most cases, a minimum of 10 lessons will be required for the basic C-level, but this depends on individual progress. It typically takes at least two whole rowing seasons to get from beginner rower (C) to advanced rower (A).