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Welcome to the Maastrichtsche Watersportclub (MWC) website.  Founded in 1914, MWC is the oldest and largest rowing club in Limburg, the Netherlands, in addition to hosting a small fleet of private members' yachting and sailing boats.

lokatie-mwc 2You can find us on the banks of the river Maas (Meuse), approx. 1/2 mile south of the city proper. From our location we have 4 miles of open water access, both south towards the rural stretch of water to Eijsden (“meetschip”), or north, into town, under the bridges, as far as Bosscherveld.

Our location is Hoge Kanaaldijk 100, 6212 XP Maastricht, or contact us via siraterces.[antispam]

Enjoying rowing as outdoor exercise and social activity for everyone is our top priority at MWC. If you want to see for yourself what rowing at MWC means, why not join us on a Saturday morning at the club, meet members and ask for a guided tour of the premises. If you want to attend one of these gatherings, please contact siraterces.[antispam] For any questions about joining MWC, you can also contact our secretary. For any membership related matters, please contact our  eitartsinimdanedel.[antispam]

What does MWC offer its members?

  • MWC is home to an impressive fleet of around 60+ rowing boats, ranging from fine single scull to 2 eights, and from a restored antique wooden sculler to the latest Empacher.
  • We have a separate work-out room with 10 ergometers, available to all members.
  • Facilities are open for use 24/7, via the membershipcard.
  • Rowing instruction lessons are organized at beginner's and more advanced levels; we have a lower age limit of 14 years.
  • Rowing lessons are organized throughout the spring and summer – weather permitting – and teams are active at different times during the week and weekends.
  • A wide range of rowing activities is open to members, such as racing at a national level (Bosbaan and Willem Alexander-baan), and regional competitive as well as recreational rowing, touring in the Netherlands and further afield, plus indoor/outdoor training sessions to keep you fit throughout the winter.

and what´s more ...

  • our location undoubtedly offers the best clubroom and terrace in town, with amazing views across the river Maas and surrounding area.
  • On rotation basis, members staff our canteen at weekends, from 10:00 to 13:00.
  • During the rowing season, volunteers also staff the canteen workday evenings between 18:30 – 21:00.

How much does membership of MWC cost?

Membership of MWC runs per full calendar year with an annual automatic renewal in January. The amount due consists of several components – see below overview. When you first become a member after 1 September, obviously fees are prorated. Amounts owed are always settled by direct debit. The membership fees for the following year are published on the website following the ALV in autumn. If you want to terminate your membership, you have to give notice before 1 December by email to eitartsninimdanedel.[antispam]


Fee components for rowing membership

Fee (prices shown for 2024)

Basic fee (senior member, > 21)

€ 328,90

Supplement KNRB/ARB/NOC-NSF*

€ 44,73


€ 371,43

New members pay a one-time admin 'entrance' fee of € 47,00. This fee has to be paid when you sign up for membership. Those needing taking rowing classes pay another € 37,40 for each year of instruction. More details can be found on the website (in Dutch).

New members and the rowing certificate system at MWC

Members of MWC have a rowing certificate (“brevet”) assigned to them, according to their rowing skills. Classification at MWC ranges from brevet C (basic rowing skills) to brevet A (advanced sculling), which represents accomplished rowing in fine single scull/coxless pair. You can only take out a boat out that matches your class.

New members have two options:

  • New members without any prior rowing experience begin with the basic Start-to-Row instruction. After completing Start-to-Row you decide if you want to become a member; once you do, and if you have been placed in an instruction group, your membership starts. 

    Start -to-Row is usually offered in May. You can sign up via I am interested in Start-to-Row; you will then be sent log in details so you can register for the next round of Start-to-Row, or see More information (in Dutch).
  • New members with previous rowing experience will be assessed to determine the level of their rowing skills and therefore the class they’re in. When necessary, you’ll have to take rowing lessons until you reach at least brevet B  certificate and/or the separate "Stuur brevet"; the compulsory “Stuurbrevet” (coxing) ensures you know the local rowing rules for rowing on the Maas. With at least brevet A under your belt you can reserve and take a (matching) boat out by yourself. For more information, click Rowing instruction (English)

For any questions regarding rowing lessons and assessments you can contact eitcurtsni.[antispam] New youth members (14+) are requested to contact nekaztrops.[antispam] to discuss options.

Active membership - Volunteering at MWC

Nearly all activities at MWC are in the hands of volunteers. Without volunteers we could not exist nor do all the things that we do. This means, however, that things may not always run as smoothly as we would like  -- there are never enough volunteers!

Volunteering is useful to the club as a whole and its members, but it’s an ideal way when you are new to the club to meet other people and get settled into the club.

Do you want to sign up as a volunteer? All members are expected to do their share by joining one of the "Doe-dagen" or by bartending a few times. And there are many other activities, such as helping out in the kitchen or organizing one of the rowing events, giving rowing lessons, joining the assessment committee, touring committee, helping maintain the building and more. Please indicate your interests when signing up, under “Interests”.