Geplaatst op 09-11-2022  -  Categorie: Wedstrijden

On November 6th, a delegation of the Sunday men's boordroeien group participated in this year's Novembervieren in Amsterdam.  

Despite our group designation, we opted to row in a (sculled) quad, with Fren Smulders on bow carrying the number 424, Hans Tijs, Thomas Borer, Max Cramwinckel on stroke, and the magificent and only weather-appropriately dressed person Anneke Cramwinckel as our coxswain. Our coach, Jeroen van Gorkom accompanied us.

We enjoyed the fantastic scenery in cold, rainy, windy weather. Luckily, we had the race to keep us warm. We managed to complete the 4.5km of the race in 15:47.9, placing us in 26 in the men's masters. We were supported from the shore by our coach, who also got very wet. 

After having faced the elements during the race, we were only too happy to warm up with our friendly competition at RIC, the generous host. To be repeated ?!?