Verslag ERV Beatrix Winter race Eindhoven, 26-11-2023.

Geplaatst op 29-11-2023  -  Categorie: Wedstrijden  -  Auteur: Anneke en Maria

Last weekend we went to the Beatrix Winter. It was my first race with MWC and to be honest I was a bit nervous. But when we arrived in Eindhoven the nervousness disappeared and I started to enjoy the race, especially because of the mood of the people. The enthusiasm with which all the boats were rowing and generally enjoying the day was definitely contagious. I think this feeling is what I liked most about rowing and the MWC: Maria’s (Misha’s) 😉 truth.

Hans started in the wrong direction and noticed it after 1 kilometer and then turned to finish in a reasonable time for 6 km 😉: Hans’ truth.

The C4's had to start as very last in each block and we were supposed to pick up damaged teams, 😉 so we were not allowed to pass other boats: Robs’ truth. afbeelding1

The ‘rusty conserves’ 😉 in the mix 2x got, unexpectedly, another medal, but they really had to know their superiors (in absolute racing time) among the young ladies Maria & Emi and absolute winners of the day sis Ymke and bro: Anneke’s truth.

The MWC C4* dress code with glimmer and glitter made them shine once again, ready to face the next competition in a 4* in 2024: The torpedo’s truth .

So, do you want to discover your own competition truth? Just come along next year: A general truth! (en alle uitslagen 2023 vind je hier).