Verslag Ganze Regatta

Geplaatst op 08-03-2023  -  Categorie: Wedstrijden

On Saturday March 4th, four rowers and a coxswain (Ulrike Steindl, Jan Laurens, Hans Wemmers, Thomas Borer, Vester Janssen) from the Saturday mixed Boord group participated in the Ganze Regatta organized by the RV Scaldis in Goes. In total, 54 boats from 10 clubs participated, we started with bow number 68.ganze-1

The course was 4.3 kilometers long, and quite narrow. It requires navigating under several bridges, and led us from picturesque downtown Goes along a canal towards the Osterschelde. Sadly we were busy rowing hard, so we did not get to take in the scenery too much.  Check out the race course here

Since this was Zeeland, we got to experience multitudes of weathers and stiff head/side wind. While we rowed hard and were happy with the effort we put in, still not everything went according to plan on this challenging course, so we were less happy with our final outcome. Our boat is stronger on backboard, and together with the wind and the shallow canal this caused some navigational difficulties. We had to yield to our boord four competition from Dodok van Heel. We will take it as motivation to work harder towards our next competition.

Since this was still Zeeland, we also got to enjoy a nice dish of mussels after the race....

Did this peak your interest? The Saturday group is looking for new members who would like to row with us regularly and compete with us! This is a mixed four, all genders and ages are welcome. Please contact Vester Janssen under msssnaj.[antispam] if interested.